The Revolution will NOT be Televised

The revolution will not be televisedFirstly, thank you to all who read this blog. It has been a long time coming; growing social injustice, lack of compassion, division and hatred driven by political ideology have forced my hand.

For many years I have held strong political views which I expressed to those around me (sometimes without being asked, causing frustration and exasperation) and my recent Twitter activity has led me to believe that it is time to add my voice to the many who are unafraid to take a stand and speak out against the things we perceive as being wrong with our society.

My views are mostly concerned with the UK, although larger issues that affect the whole of mankind will also feature from time to time.

My main aim with this blog, is to educate people as to the state of slavery (a slavery imposed through poverty) that the vast majority of people find themselves in and how freeing ourselves from this slavery will result in a better life for all, save those who wish to perpetuate this slavery and enforce it. To challenge the status quo that tells us money=power=the right to rule. To question the actions of the corrupt and immoral. To bring together mankind as one, in a peaceful, educated, compassionate whole and take us forward to a future that is bright and hopeful. To do this will take either reform or revolution, but to reform, one must engage with the system of the corrupt controllers and I believe that if you play a game where the rules are written by one of the players, you will not win. So revolution is my cause and my aim.

And so to my first point. As the title bar says, and the image above reinforces – The revolution will not be televised. Television is a means of controlling populations, disguised as entertainment. You will not find the truth through television. You will find programming (literally designed to program the minds of the populace) full of tranquilisers and distractions designed to occupy our minds whilst the evils of the few in control go unchallenged and unquestioned.

We must NOT bear ill-will or contempt for the people who find refuge in television.

The truth is scary. It can destroy all that people hold to be true about their existence. Television, like all the mainstream media, brings comfort. It brings safety. It keeps the mind dull and unquestioning, filled with brain-food as nutritional as a Big Mac and just as dangerous to our mental health. It makes us mentally flabby and lazy, unable to raise the strength to challenge ourselves or break free from the thinking processes that have been forced upon us through generations of control.

We only need to look at the schedules of any mainstream tv channel to see this:- they are filled with ‘reality’ shows and low-cost programming designed to present a distracting topic to keep our minds occupied to prevent us having the will or inclination to discover more about what is going on around us while we figuratively sleep.

Here are some links giving explanations in more detail as to why television is so bad, some of which will contain further links – Please note, I am not responsible for the content of these links or any harm caused by clicking them etc.

10 Reasons to Watch Less Television

And if you needed any more proof of how television can and is being used…well, look no further:-

“Through clever and constant application of propaganda people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1923

So, television (and the rest of the media, which I will cover in a later post) are our main obstacles in freeing mankind. We need to ‘unplug from the Matrix’ and see the world we are living in for what it is – enslavement of the economically bereft for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful.

It therefore stands to reason that any change in the status quo that these people have in place and will challenge the established way of things will not be given any oxygen of publicity. One only has to take the example of the recent Stop Trident march in London which attracted thousands of people to London, including well-known celebrities and politicians but received less coverage in the mainstream media than the impending US Academy Awards ceremony in the UK!

To divest ourselves of television is to free our minds and allows us to engage with the world on our terms. To see what we want to see. To know what we want to know.

And that, is the first step towards the revolution.


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Thank you for reading. More to come soon!